A New Situation in Home Savings – Credits

It is a fact that, since the events of October last year, there has been relatively great silence about home savings. However, this sector is still alive and interesting news is coming. We are writing a little bit about what has happened since October 2018. Perhaps you are back in the mood for home savings?

The sudden announcement


Who wouldn’t remember last year’s big storm, when they actually put home-saving constructions back in a 3-day situation. 

They were able to start apartment savings that received state subsidies of 30 percent, or up to HUF 72,000 a year. From this it can be quickly calculated that we could spend up to HUF 20,000 on a contract. However, there could have been several contracts within a family (only a tax ID was required), so we could have multiplied the maximum non-refundable grant of $ 720,000 per contract.

After that, however, there was no going back, as the state decided to deprive it of home savings. So after a 2-day seizure, there was no other option but to find a new way. Trying to create a contract that the public loves, and to some extent resemble a former home savings form. Well, as expected, this sector did not disappear.

Good Finance responded the fastest


In fact, nobody has ever questioned Good Finance’s market superiority. Therefore, if someone was to be expected to make a new contract as soon as possible. So the first swallow came out relatively quickly with the Caring Housing Account.

In truth, the big question was, what about the state aid space. Well, as expected, Good Finance (as well) is making various bonuses in order to start a home savings project. Click here for the details of the contract . What is interesting is that the monthly savings jumped to 40 thousand HUF in one contract. This is logical somewhere, because it can raise the capital to get a new home faster.

In fact, for a long time, only Good Finance made use of the possibility of entering into a new contract. Then I had to wait until February 2019.

Good Credit is also available

Good Credit is also available

They had time to thoroughly draw up the new contract and, for our part, to look at Good Finance’s contract a bit. ? In fact, there are no such big differences between the two contracts.

What is particularly interesting about Good Credit’s contract is that the monthly savings can range from 10,000 to 50,000 forints. And besides the current real estate prices, the contract value can be up to 15 million HUF. In terms of maturities, there is no change, as we can think of maturities of 5 and 10 years.

Their question is, what about the other two former actors?

E-Money is also logged in

E-Money is also logged in

The two are connected today, with E-Money announcing the takeover of around 50,000 Aegon Housing Savings customers. This means a deposit portfolio of about HUF 30 billion. This gives you a market share of around 14 percent.

And once that has happened, they have announced that they too will start with their new contract . In a nutshell, it is worth knowing that you can make monthly savings of 20, 30 or 40 thousand HUF, and the maximum contractual amount can be 10.2 million HUF. In addition, you may receive an interest bonus and / or a 13th month bonus.

So, as you can see, home savings are attacking again. You might also want to think about collecting it for your own home. But contact us first! It is important that you choose the best way to save an apartment.