10 Best Indie Games From Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital over the past decade has quickly established itself as one of the most notable names in the industry with an eclectic and rich selection of indie content, offering games for all types of gamers. Their extreme marketing tactics have also put them above the rest when it comes to getting a game’s name out there, connecting with audiences almost instantly.

Over the years, however, Devolver Digital’s offerings have become more robust in scale and ambition – as seen with their brand new release, Worship of the Lambcombining farming and rogue-lite elements – with hit after hit reminiscent of the likes of Annapurna Interactive, and these titles come in a range of forms that can be hard to remember being published by Devolver Digital due to the way they present themselves, and each one is a fresh and inventive look at what certain genres are capable of.


ten The Talos Principle

Considered one of the greatest puzzle games of all time, The Talos Principle has been consistently talked about since its release in 2014 and is highly praised for both its brain-teasing puzzles and philosophical storyline, with an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam.

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From manipulating lasers, distracting drones, disabling turrets, and more. The Talos Principle made players think from a whole new perspective that was also done in a non-linear way. This inventive gameplay would eventually lead to it receiving a plethora of rewards and having incredible stamina, with its latest release being a 2019 port on Nintendo Switch.

9 Ruin

Which is arguably one of the most over-the-top dual-stick shooters to release in recent years alongside The Hong Kong Massacre and Hotline Miami, RuinThe cyberpunk setting of en immediately appealed to most gamers and took them on a brutal race to take down a corrupt system while uncovering the truth.

It was also one of Devolver Digital’s most talked about releases of 2017 before it was finally ported to Nintendo Switch in 2020, and its sleek, adrenaline-fueled gameplay that saw countless explosions and a Wondrous lore-filled hub world really gave the game a proper cyberpunk feel and a layer of depth that this genre typically lacks.

8 Untold stories

Untold stories is undoubtedly one of the most unique and exciting games Devolver Digital has in its catalog, and it’s also a standout title for text-based adventure games that modernizes the mechanics of the genre and what it’s capable of.

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Four experimental stories are told throughout the game, each relatively short and with its own setting and a compilation of brilliant puzzles where everything the player says and interacts with has an outcome that can change the environment. surrounding. It’s as thoughtful as it is inventive, with outlets like Eurogamer putting it in their Top 50 games of 2017.

seven Pikuniku

Puzzle exploration can be a scary endeavor if the two sides don’t complement each other, however, Pikuniku not only does it execute it well, but it has so much charm with its simplistic yet cute art direction that it creates a short but memorable experience through its colorful world.

Winning a few awards in 2019 and sitting down to an Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, Pikuniku provided a light-hearted adventure with goofy characters in a tongue-in-cheek dystopian setting that also provided an immense amount of humor, adding to the overall charm and leaving a lasting impression long after the credits roll.

6 My friend Peter

Prior to My friend Peter, it garnered immediate appeal and recognition due to the goofy nature of the game’s premise and the fact that its mascot was a talking banana. Upon its release, the excitement increased tenfold as the nature of My friend PeterThe side-scrolling combat in addition to its great music created an amazing package that was hard to put down.

With smooth and responsive controls, excellent adventurous level design and thrilling story, My friend Peter took no prisoners and quickly put itself on the map to be one of the most inventive and addictive games of the genre, with a clever sense of humor and finely tuned and played with parkour elements finesse.

5 Hotline Miami

What is undoubtedly considered the king of top-down shooters that many aspire to be like, Hotline Miami came out of the woodwork by surprise and gave players an addictive but challenging setting of pitting assassins and gangsters against each other in an almost puzzle-like way, going from room to room, floor to floor , trying to survive each level before heading to the next one.

This incredibly challenging indie game used a short form structure to its levels and encouraged players to keep trying over and over again, and each time a level was completed it was not just a breath of fresh air but a success in itself. Sharing optimization techniques has also become incredibly popular, which created its own community in 2012, and it still remains a model for a masterful implementation of the genre.

4 Observation

Developers from Untold stories, Observation inspired by the tastes of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Extraterrestrial to create a stunning fusion of philosophical puzzle and sci-fi brilliance. This all takes place in a disturbing spaceship where players control an AI, SAM, to help Dr. Emma Fisher find the rest of her crew and make contact with Earth after the power supply mysteriously runs out.

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Observation was nominated for several awards, including Best Game, Best Storytelling, and Best Visual Design, thanks to a similar but expanded approach to Untold Stories in which players manipulated the environment and solved puzzles to progress. It’s a fantastic story that, although linear, leaves enough freedom for the player to feel in control and immersed.

3 Hike to Yomi

Japanese history offers some of the deepest and richest histories, filled with samurai, rōnin and others who all upheld a code of honor that is still deeply rooted in its culture today. Hike to Yomi can arguably be considered one of the most authentic and respectful perspectives on a period piece outside of Ghost of Tsushimadelivering a fantastic story with an unforgettable direction similar to the legendary films directed by Akira Kurosawa.

The game demonstrated patience and discipline, like a real samurai, and provided a good balance between combat and atmospheric side-scrolling storytelling similar to that of Little Nightmares. Its short but impactful length left most feelings rewarded by the end of Hiroki’s Tale.

2 The gate of death

There’s no shortage of Zelda-like games that attempt to emulate the pinnacle of what made The Legend of Zelda a franchise so beloved around the world, but despite being underdelivered, The gate of death provided a gateway to modern mechanics in a stunning atmosphere where its striking visuals were matched only by its engrossing and engaging gameplay.

The gate of death struck a special, almost poetic balance between keeping things both simple and challenging, allowing for growth through skills learned in-game, while keeping the user interface and progression system intuitive and accessible for anyone launch for the first time. Its level design was impeccable, and the depth of its combat and polish was a visual feast that usually led to jaw drops and praise.


Most studios don’t make a name for themselves until a few projects after they’ve had time to hone their craft and seek out the right publisher, but Nomada Studio’s debut title, GREYwas not only an impressive display that led to it selling over a million copies to date, but became a masterful work of art in the eyes of many, winning the Games for Impact award at the Game Awards 2019 as well as numerous art direction awards and nominations and sits at an extremely positive rating on Steam.

Lost in her own world, GREY is a stunning journey and visual delight with a fantastical female protagonist traversing a beautifully illustrated yet dark story where environments change with the mood and music complements everything that happens from moment to moment with the player’s actions. At the end, GREY became an all-time favorite among many, and its impact is still felt years later, as it stands as one of the greatest Indies ever made.

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