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A scroll saw is a great tool for making precise angle cuts and intricate curves. This makes them a popular choice among many types of trading professionals, including custom carpenters and even people who make toys by hand. A scroll saw is also handy for fine details and projects involving smaller pieces of wood.

Specifications to consider

Throat size

Sometimes also called blade length, throat size is a horizontal measurement of how far material can travel before it hits the saw frame. (The “groove” refers to the space between the frame and the blade.) If you are working on a piece of material larger than that, you will need to rotate it or reposition it to cut a different area as you go. . Scroll saws throat size can range from 12 to 30 inches, but more often machines are 16 to 20 inches.

Pinned or pinless blade attachment

As you can guess from the name, pinned blades use pins to secure the blade. Blades without pins use pliers instead. Pinned blades are bigger and thicker and often more difficult to work with, especially when it comes to the blade change process. However, some people prefer them because they keep the blade more secure and can reduce vibration. So this choice really depends on your personal preferences. Most new scroll saws work with both types of blades.

Variable speed control

Higher speeds allow for cleaner cuts, but the blade will generally get hotter faster, perhaps hot enough to create scorch marks on the wood. Some people prefer to work at lower speeds for better control. The standard speed range for a scroll saw is from 400 to about 2,000 strokes per minute (SPM), with the speed increasing with the number of strokes.

How we rated

As a former owner of a property construction and maintenance company and an avid handyman who enjoys making all kinds of materials, I have used a variety of scroll saws and relied on that experience to evaluate designs. models. I compared the throat size, design, features, and cost of dozens of models. After reviewing the reviews of hundreds of Amazon users and looking at the manufacturer’s information for product specifications, these seven scroll saws stand out for their performance, reliability and value.

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Best overall

20 inch DeWalt Variable Speed ​​Scroll Saw


$ 687.37

Key specs

  • Model: DW788
  • Throat Size: 20 inch
  • Blade fixing: Without pin
  • Speed: 400-1,750 SPM

This is a great all-purpose scroll saw that is a good choice for hobbyists and professionals alike. It is very user-friendly and easy to use, with an arm that lifts with little effort and swivels for more convenient and comfortable use. This makes them a great overall choice for everyone, regardless of skill level. Pinless attachment allows for quick blade changes without any tools.

  • Durable construction
  • Quick and easy blade changes

Best compact saw

Dremel motorcycle saw kit

$ 166.74

$ 112.00 (33% off)

Key specs

  • Model: MS20-01
  • Throat Size: 10 inch
  • Blade fixing: Pin
  • Speed: 1,500 to 2,250 SPM

Dremel is known for its woodworking tools, and the Moto-Saw Kit is probably one of its most popular offerings. The kit’s compact size and portability make it very versatile, as you can easily carry it around and maneuver it however you want. Although the manufacturer claims it works on metal, some users report that they have not achieved good results with metal and advise using it only with wood and plastic.

  • Small and portable
  • Ideal for cutting wood and plastics
  • Maybe not the best option for cutting metal

Best value

Rikon 16-inch Variable Speed ​​Scroll Saw

Key specs

  • Model: 10-600VS
  • Throat Size: 16 inch
  • Blade fixing: Pinned and without pin
  • Speed: 550–1650 SPM

This Rikon saw gets high marks for its solid performance and, given its mid-range price, offers particularly good value for a scroll saw. Amazon users also love the easy blade change process which can be done in a few quick steps, but some people have reported that the saw is not as durable as they expected.

  • Includes work light
  • Stable cast iron base
  • Some users report less than optimal durability

Affordable entry-level choice

16-inch Bilt Hard Scroll Saw

Hard bilt

$ 129.99

Key specs

  • Model: N / A
  • Throat Size: 16 inch
  • Blade fixing: Pinned and without pin
  • Speed: 550-1,600 SPM

This is a great scroll saw or a good choice for someone who is more of a casual hobbyist. The machine performs well for basic jobs, but may not be tough enough for constant use or more demanding jobs. You can cut up to 2 inches deep at a 90 degree angle, which is the upper end of the typical range.

  • Cheap
  • Includes work light
  • Some Amazon users report that the blade tends to travel lightly

Convenient Features

16 inch Skil Scroll Saw

Key specs

  • Model: 3335-07
  • Throat Size: 16 inch
  • Blade fixing: Pinned and without pin
  • Speed: 500 to 1,700 SPM

For the price, this saw is a good entry-level choice. It has practical features, such as on-board tool storage and dust collection system. Although the manufacturer says it is designed to use both pinned and pinless blades, some Amazon customers claim they get better performance when using pinned blades.

  • Integrated dust collection system
  • Integrated blade storage
  • Users report better results with pinned blades

Reduced vibrations

20-inch Delta Variable Speed ​​Scroll Saw

Key specs

  • Model: 40-694
  • Throat Size: 20 inch
  • Blade fixing: Pinned and without pin
  • Speed: 400-1,750 SPM

This saw has a low vibration design which allows for greater precision when cutting (and also reduces noise). Tool-less blade clamping makes blade adjustments quick and easy. The integrated blade storage is also a handy feature. Some Amazon users were not happy with the instructions, which they said weren’t very clear, especially when it came to assembling the button.

  • Tool-less blade changes
  • Long blade length
  • User report assembly instructions unclear

Ideal for large materials

Wen 16 Inch Two Way Variable Speed ​​Scroll Saw

Key specs

  • Model: 3921
  • Throat Size: 16 inch
  • Blade fixing: Pinned and without pin
  • Speed: 400-1,600 SPM

This Wen model is one of the most popular scroll saws, which is particularly impressive considering its affordability. The bevel table is ideal when working with larger pieces of material. It’s also packed with handy features, including an LED work light and built-in blade storage.

  • Heavy duty cast iron base
  • Cheap
  • Some users report movement with blades without spindle

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