Candle review: Cire Trudon “Marie”

What would you call a candle, if you had one? Something like Nicole could be nice. Ben wouldn’t be bad, although it might take the essence of a clock or a chimney sweep to feel appropriate. Jessica would be terrible, as would Michael. Although, in fact, if it was a Catholic Church incense scented candle, Michael would be fine. My apologies to Michel. “Mike” would be horrible, however. What are the other names? Hmm. I can’t think of any. While you’re wondering if you can think of any other names, let’s discuss the candle we’ve gathered here for today:


Hello Marie ! (Reference from Tristan Dugray; “if you know, you know.”) And before we go ahead, it’s not “Mary” as in the Virgin Mary – she doesn’t need it, she has enough. It is not either Marie as in The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, even though we love her, her and her worship. This one is Mary like in Shelley like in Frankenstein, and this is what Cire Trudon has to say about it:

“The Mary perfume is theatrical, of a luminous depth: floral and spicy notes of immortelle, tuberose, star anise and cardamom evoke non-conformist journeys that a heady heart – composed of patchouli, cedar, Gaïac wood – transgresses again. Marie is a subversive perfume: testimony of a rich interior life, she reveals the life of a cursed heroine.

“What?” That’s what you think, because you’re not a professional, unlike me. I fully understand all these words and what they mean together. Maverick travels that Gaiac Wood transgresses more. Sounds uh, good. I like this. I am always looking for candles with this stuff. But is this candle good?

Let’s see.


Yes. Cire Trudon candles will always be “good” in the sense of “is the candle good”, because what the question really means is: is it a crappy candle for people who don’t know better, or not? And Cire Trudon candles are, in fact, the best. There is no way around it.

But there are a lot of crap candles for people who don’t know any better. I’ve seen a bunch of them on recent holiday gift lists, in fact, so stay alert. Although I guess in a Seinfeld “you don’t know what you are missing” meaning, if you’ve never smelled a good candle, you might as well keep buying rotten candles. I’m pretty sure there are studies that say happiness plateau for everyone at some similar point, so you might consider that to mean that a more expensive and better candle isn’t worth the money. probably negligible increase in the “happiness” it would bring. It would be wrong, but at least better for long term savings.



Creamy spicy oak. Moist cardamom in cold weather. Cedarwood huddled under a blanket. It smells like you have a day off, but not because it’s a holiday; you have a day off because your office lost power in a pretty destructive storm and the roads are full of downed trees. Yet you are at home. You are in a comfortable situation. You take tea.



Yes, we have to tackle the elephant in the review: is this candle too scary. Now it comes in a matte black container, which could indeed be scary, especially if you expected it to come in a traditional Cire Trudon container, which looks a bit like a transparent greenish beige color. “Ah! It’s you who realize he’s got a different ship. The smell is a little scary, yes, but I think it’s good to be scared sometimes. Get your blood pumped. Realize how strong you really are.


It was for your own good, for example.



You know, I know several people named “Mary” who tell people their name is “Kate” or “Katie” because their middle name is Katherine. Why is Marie doing this? My middle name is Marie. Imagine all the time you thought my name was ‘Marie’, then one day you stumbled across some legal form or my driver’s license or something like that and saw this person you thought you knew, ‘Mary’, was actually a person you’ve never even heard of: Kelly. It would be a mental fuck, for sure. And yet, everywhere, Maries are doing it as we speak.

That’s all to say that I think it’s a perfect gift to surprise a fake “Kate”. I know your name is Mariesaid the candle. You can’t hide from me. MARRIED.



$ 140, LOL. I am sorry. I swear I’ll end up seeing a candle again that doesn’t cost an amount that could actually do a lot of good if spent civically.



Have a good candle 🙂

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