Cleanup begins after severe storms move across southern plains

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — After Sunday night’s storm, many residences and parks in Lubbock are seeing the aftermath Monday morning. High winds and heavy rain downed many trees and fences around the Lubbock area.

Lubbock Parks and Recreations foreman David Campbell says, “Lots of trees, lots of parks. The city of Lubbock has almost 90 parks, so we go there constantly, we call it a “shock team”, we constantly go out and pick up tree branches and things of that nature.

These elite crews are all over Lubbock and working hard to clean up the remnants of storm debris. Although many areas of Lubbock were affected by winds and rain, Clapp Park suffered the most damage. Lubbock Parks and Recs says cleaning up the park could take a few days.

Wind gusts reached over 50 miles per hour on Sunday evening. This caused many trees to split and fall. A West Lubbock resident had a rough night when his tree fell. He says with the loud thunder and rain, he didn’t know what was happening just outside.

“You know what I didn’t hear the storm was rolling in and it was pretty quick, it didn’t last very long there was a lot of thunder and a little hail I think, and I didn’t never really knew the tree had fallen until one of my neighbors stopped by and let me know,” Shannon Bryant said.

Tree knocked down by high winds(KCBD)

Bryant said his neighbors didn’t hesitate to spring into action and help clear the tree from the street.

“I looked out the window and six or eight people were there getting ready to start cutting it. People I’ve never met before, just neighbors and a man who has a tree business. He said saw on Facebook that it was down the street and decided to come help out,” Bryant said.

While we expect to see more storms this week, Lubbock Parks and Recs expects it to be busy cleaning up all week.

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