Command masks, climate change and Pickem –

The of Kansas City is back in considering an extension of the mask mandate and just makes me laugh at this point. You can visit about any other city in the metro area and there is no mask mandate but when you cross the city boundaries of the largest municipality in the area, you are required to mask up. I hope to live long enough to explain to my grandchildren how we wear masks in a restaurant and then remove them when we sit down to eat and drink. I also hope to explain to them how people thought this behavior helped stop the spread of a deadly virus.

Don’t lump me into some conservative nut job group. I believe in masks in some situations but attempting half ass masking up doesn’t help and everyone knows it but refuses to believe it. The condition and arrogance of man who thinks we can resist something we cannot see or is bigger than us. It is also the government of choice today. If something goes wrong, we hope the government can do something and they push; in the goodness of your dollar. It is only possible that nature is stronger than man or government, as long as it can hurt the feelings of our socialist friends. We spent trillions of dollars and changed our lives forever and we still lose this battle.

All of this should give you pause when people tell you about the need to reverse climate change. Is it possible that humans are not as close to the importance of the cog in the health of the universe as we think? I just spit on the flattery here, but I think another war we can win, but you do it. I still like Teslas and battery-powered chain jigsaws, even if they didn’t save the world from people who love fossil fuels.

Last time I wrote about not saving the world by recycling, a reader wished I could die under a pile of compost. Please don’t wish I was dead this week, I want to save the world, but I just doubt that people are very strong. I wonder if dinosaurs have meetings about climate change. Do they have recycling centers for dinosaur waste?

I just wanted to make sure I had something masking it straight. We can wrap 80,000 people in a stadium, right next to each other for college and NFL games, but are your kids supposed to wear masks at school? Just slam your head into the nearest wall if it makes no sense. College football games last about four hours these days and I’ve been to games. If you think the outside has saved you from sucking on some of your neighbor’s spit, you’ve enjoyed a lot of $ 12 beer.

Thanks in advance for all the kudos on the success of Landmark’s Pigskin Pick’em Week 2. I’m sure it will take you to congratulate me. I would like to thank my research staff, Google and Lady Luck. I want to emphasize that we conduct the period of a game individually and we simply focus on the next opponent. My team is a “give the ball to the referee after a touchdown” type of team.

(Guy Speckman can be reached at [email protected] or expertly select masked football games)

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