Duke leads North Carolina 37-34 at halftime: Final Four updates

Roy Williams is a smart man, that is to say: Roy Williams does not engage in any way on social networks. “I’ve never been on Instagram, or YouTube, or VTube, or anything like that,” Williams says. “I don’t do any of that.” In his first year of retirement, Williams actually tried to retire, did his best to at least put some distance between himself and his old program.

He describes himself as “paranoid” for being “too troublesome”. He wanted to let his successor do things. He didn’t want to get high.

And yet, Williams, in his first year of retirement, can’t help but sit at the heart of North Carolina’s thumping men’s basketball culture. He’s still obsessed with the program itself, of course, still as true to his singular power as ever, and he’s still surrounded by family and friends who share that obsession. So people tell him stuff. He hears things.

The general way fans feel about the way things are going – the smoke in the street, so to speak – can’t help but filter its way. Williams may not have read your tweets, but he absolutely knows what a lot of people, many Carolina fans included, were saying earlier this season about Hubert Davis and Williams’ decision to go all out. his best to make sure Davis followed him as the head coach of men’s basketball at the University of North Carolina.

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