Every Boss And How To Beat Them

Although Rogue Legacy 2 has you exploring a randomly generated castle, there are a fixed number of bosses that you must defeat to unlock the final boss. These enemies, called either Estuaries or Void Beasts, were servants and protectors of the mysterious king of the castle, so they were tough and seasoned fighters.

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Defeated bosses will remain dead for the rest of the game, but defeating them in the first place can be a daunting task. Fortunately, since there is a wide range of play styles available in Rogue Legacy 2 in the form of character classes, there are a ton of powerful strategies you can use against these bosses. Here’s each boss and how to defeat them.


8 Estero Lamech

The game’s first boss, Estuary Lamech, found in the Citadel Agartha, is the first spellsword of the Rogue Legacy 2 universe. This means he will use a combination of ranged and melee attacks during his boss battle, so you need to choose a class that can respond to both. Valkyrie is preferred because two of Estuary Lamech’s projectile attacks – the fireballs and the daggers – can be blocked using the Valkyrie class skill. You can also use their long spear to keep your distance.

Take full advantage of your recently acquired aerial dash to avoid Estuary Lamech’s sword swipe and his spear lunge. To prevent his beam attack, you can jump over him with the help of lanterns and your aerial dash, or you can stand in the blind spot directly in front of him. Since the beam has a long animation, standing in the blind spot will allow you to deal a lot of extra damage.

7 Void Beasts Byarrrith At Halpharrr

Void Beasts Byarrrith and Halpharrr are a pair of skeleton pirates located at the end of Axis Mundi. Although they use more projectiles than Estuary Lamech, their projectiles are faster, so it’s more confusing to use classes like Valkyrie of Chef. The ability to keep your distance with the Ranger or Gunslinger, or the ability to deal high damage to multiple enemies using the Dragon Lancer or the Mage, will be even more important against these Void Beasts.

Feel free to rotate the skeletons or any surrounding echo platform to gain a bit of height. This will help especially if they push you against the wall, as their rotating bone attack extends very high. They can jump on you if you’re always in the air, however, so don’t get in the habit of staying above them.

6 Esther Naamah |

Patience is key against the guardian of the Kerguelen Plateau, Estuary Naamah. This flower -obsessed boss will attack you using walls of fireballs and Lily of the Valley flowers, the latter of which you can destroy with a spin kick. Don’t try to attack him if there are a lot of projectiles, because you will only hurt yourself in the process. Classes like Assassin and Duelist will give you enough inability to withstand his attacks if things get too messy.

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Estuary Naamah will also summon three Nightmares around the boss arena – two on the outer platforms of the arena, and one on the upper middle platform. They will do a lot of damage to you if you spin the kick or attack while within their radius, so it will be easier for you to fight him if you periodically disable them.

5 Esther Enoch

Estuary Enoch, the castle academic and resident of Stygian Study, is one of the game’s most unpredictable bosses. Sometimes he would call a big beam from the sky that was vertically hitting the arena. Since you can’t get through this beam without getting damage, and since it takes a long time, try to stay on the side of the beam that doesn’t separate you from the rest of the arena.

Be sure not to linger in the corners of the arena, as the felt scrolls will hit you with an area-of-effect attack if you do. You can also avoid the Void attacks of the Estuary Enoch (which are deep purple) by infiltrating the Void on them. Since you will need both defense and mobility, the Duelist or the Assassin will work best against this boss.

4 Estero Irad

Estuary Irad, the protector of the Sun Tower, is a trio of giant eyeballs. Since you can only stand on two platforms directly next to the left and right eyeballs, you will need to use a class with close arms. And since eyeballs shoot a continuous volley of large projectiles, you’ll want to spend most of your time dodging, rather than attacking.

As such, the Astromancer is a perfect fit. Their black hole attack is almost guaranteed to do critical damage to stationary eyeballs, and their skill class is great for evading attacks. The Chef is also great because his pan has Burn, a damage-over-time, that will let you focus on avoidance, and their skill class allows you to heal for more survivability.

3 Estero Tubal

Although the Tubal Estuary was swallowed whole by the dragon in Phison Dry Lake, the skilled blacksmith was a real opponent. When the Estuary Tubal ignites the ground with fire, stay in the air by first double jumping, then spin kicking three times from its large projectiles. You can also spin his homing ball of spikes, or the flaming buzz saw he occasionally sends you.

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Estuary Tubal will also summon hand automatons throughout his boss’s fight. These enemies are invincible immediately after they are summoned, and they have four shield hits, so you must completely avoid them at first, then hit them with several consecutive attacks to kill them. . Bard and Barbarian’s fast aerial attack and area-of-effect skills make them great classes for dealing with automatons. Since the boss also doesn’t move very much, the Barbarian’s ax will be effective.

2 Jonah

The leader of the rebellion, Jonah, will fight you after you enter the Golden Gates in the first room of the Citadel Agartha. He uses upgraded versions of your weapons and skills class for his attacks, so most of his patterns are intuitive. There are some, however, that are less predictable. To avoid his throwing pizzas, you have to destroy them with a spin kick, and to steer clear of his slash attack (which is like Ronin’s class skill) you have to Void dash it.

If Jonah uses his Lightning Storm attack, and you play as Mage or Ronin, standing in the second closest safe zone will allow you to get a few more hits on him. Jonah doesn’t deal any contact damage, which is particularly helpful if you’re playing as a melee type that benefits from rushing the enemy, such as Boxer or Knight. Jonah was not a very tough opponent, so any class could defeat him.

1 Cain

Since Cain, your brother, king, and last master, has canonically absorbed the souls of all Esther, his fighting style will be a mix of all their attacks. He will jump and fire magma when he lands like the Lamech Estuary, he will throw large spinning bones like the Void Beast Byarrrith, and he will send you flaming buzz saws like the Tubal Estuary.

One attack that may not be familiar to you is his circular fire wall. This attack is indicated by a red ring exploding into many small and fast moving walls of fire. These walls travel outwards, so you’ll want to stand inside the ring before he unleashes the attack. If you get used to this new attack, you will be ready to kill this last enemy and rescue the residents of the castle.

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