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In terms of collecting different resources from the wilderness of the Amazon New worldCutting of timber (or logging, as it is sometimes called) is the skill that relates to the felling of trees for various types of timber. Players interested in woodworking, a refining skill focused on preparing wood for future crafting recipes, will naturally need to improve their wood cutting to get the best materials.

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However, the end products will need an appropriate level of business skill, such as engineering or furnishing, in order to produce the most desired goods. That being said, the crafting journey will undoubtedly begin with chopping wood for players looking for custom armor, weapons, and more, so be sure to grab a sturdy lumberjack ax and get ready. you like to spend a lot of time in the woods.

Players should also keep in mind that when pursuing their crafting goals, there is more to it than the harvestable resources themselves. It will always be necessary to venture into quests to loot containers during Achievements as there are secondary crafting materials that can only be found in the many crates, chests and barrels that appear around. New world.

Wood cutting for young trees and mature trees

new world sapling and mature tree

Both of these tree variants are much easier to find than those that drop higher level lumber. They also cannot be tracked via the compass at the top of the player screen, however, this is a good thing, as these trees are so common that having them all appear on the compass would simply overwhelm it. For quick and easy leveling, make sure you have a nice Lumberjack Ax, as there are some that can be purchased that will have passive effects that can dramatically speed up the process or earn bonus goods when harvesting.

Young trees

These are by far the most abundant types of trees, and players should be able to find countless quantities of them in low level areas. Young trees fall from the green wood, which is the most basic type of wood in the game and basically the starting point for every wood craft recipe. There is no timber cutting level requirement to fell young treesbecause this is where players will begin their forestry careers.

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Mature trees

Rarer than young trees, but not by far, mature trees can be distinguished from their smaller relatives due to the difference in size, although they are usually found in the same areas. When felled, mature trees will give the player aged wood, the next step in Green Wood which allows players to craft wood and more. Players will need to have a woodcutting skill level of 50 or higher to fell mature trees.

Wood cutting for Wyrdwood and Ironbark trees

new world wyrdwood and iron bark trees

These tree species will be much more difficult to find than those listed above. This is the result of dropping higher level wood, so the game naturally has to make them less common for balance purposes. Fortunately, however, they can be tracked after hitting the respective level thresholds, which will make finding them much easier. Keep in mind that tracking these rarer trees will require a much higher level of woodcutting skill than is required to harvest them, so don’t stop experimenting with farming! Being able to passively spot rare sources of materials is something that will always come in handy on the go.

Wyrdwood trees

The most notable feature of Wyrdwood trees is that they have light blue spots and seem to radiate subtle magical energy. These same qualities imply that this great race of plant is connected to the magical resource Azoth, as the containers containing the substance also glow blue with mystical energy. Players can start harvesting Wyrdwood trees when their logging skill level reaches 100, and follow these types of trees on their compass starting at level 125. After being split, Wyrdwood Trees offer players Wyrdwood Planks for his intermediate level Wordworking needs.

Ironwood trees

Easily the rarest tree in the game to date, Ironwood trees will need to be identified by the bluish aura around their dark brown trunks. Unlike Wyrdwood trees which are speckled with blue dots, Ironwood trees almost appear to have a translucent overshield. Appropriately for the rarest species, Ironwood Trees require the player to have a Woodcutting Skill Level of 175 before they can surrender their goods., and can be tracked with his compass at level 200. However, when they stumble upon the lumberjack in question, Ironwood Trees will grant the player Ironwood Planks as well as rare secondary crafting materials such as Barbvine and Wildwood, two crucial elements in crafting the game’s only legendary fine wood type: Glimmering Ebony.

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