Furniture brands focused on material specialty

In terms of materiality, some furniture brands have specialized in it. From precious marble to sparkling glass to luxurious leather, here are some of the brands you need to know about if you’re looking to spruce up your interiors.

Glas Italia — Glass Expert

Founded in 1972 in Brianza, Italy, Glas Italia is synonymous with the transformation of glass into furnishing objects. Their passion for glass, combined with research into the strength, translucency and coloring of materials, has led them to create some of the most stunning glass furniture in the world.

Wireframe coffee tables by Glas Italia. Picture: Glas Italia

Working with renowned designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Piero Lissoni, the creativity of ideas on the pen materialized into real, functional objects displaying originality and sophistication. The standout pieces are the “Wireframe” tables where extra-light, irregularly shaped, parallel glass slabs come together to form a coffee table.

Glas Italia Liquify

Glas Italia Liquefy coffee tables. Picture: Glas Italia

On the other hand, “Liquefy” by Patricia Urquiola consists of creating veins and swirls on the glass, akin to marble. The organic decoration on colored glass gives these coffee tables a mysterious side. Another charmer are the “Shimmer” side tables by Urquiola. Characterized by an iridescent multichromatic finish, the hues vary depending on the angle of the light source so each piece can appear ethereal in a unique way.

Fiam – Mirror Skills

This brand needs no introduction when it comes to making glass and mirrors. Founded in 1973, their glass research combined with top notch designers has led them to produce some of the most stunning glass furniture money can buy.

Fiam Caadre

Fiam Caadre mirror. Image: Fiam

The “Caadre” mirror imagined by the great French designer Philippe Starck is visionary, futuristic and timeless. The striking mirror is a blend of craftsmanship and in-depth glass-making research to create the curved edges. Made from semi-reflecting titanium glass, it can be hung vertically or horizontally. The backlit LED lighting with a dimmer is an updated version that celebrates the 20th anniversary edition.

Fiam Ghost armchair by Cini Boeri. Image: Fiam

Famous female designer Cini Boeri’s ‘Ghost’ chair, designed in 1987, is a monolithic masterpiece. The 12mm thick curved glass to create this striking chair was pure research into the resilience and rigidity of the material. It’s no wonder that this chair is now the company’s icon as it is on display at MOMA in New York and also scooped the Compass D’oro Design Award in 1979.

Cierre — Leather Precursor

Cierre is a family business specializing in the manufacture of leather furniture. Founded in 1972, it supports the “Made in Italy” design philosophy. Leather is everything for this brand.

Cierre Season sofa

Cierre Season modular sofa. Image: Cierre

He takes this raw material and treats it with respect. The brand has one of the best tanneries in Italy where the finishing, printing and coloring of the leathers have led it to produce a wide variety of colors to suit many interiors.

Cierre Oscar Poltrona

Cierre Oscar Poltrona. Image: Cierre

Cierre’s most notable pieces are the “Oscar Poltrona” sofa/armchair systems and the “Season” modular sofa system.

Baxter — Leather Experts

With over 30 years of experience in the leather business, Baxter furniture is renowned for its understated luxury. Their in-depth knowledge of these exquisite skins led them to create the perfect recipe for tanning, treating and coloring them.

Baxter Touch Sofa

Baxter Tactile sofa by Vincenzo De Cotiis. Image: Baxter

This 100% Italian company founded in the 1990s has become a global brand whose leather sofas and armchairs are appreciated by designers all over the world.

Baxter Chester Moon

Baxter Chester Moon sofa. Image: Baxter

Their best-selling pieces include the “Tactile” sofa designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis and the “Chester Moon” sofa designed by Paola Navone.

Marsotto Edizioni — Marble magic

Famous for its marble products, Marsotto Edizioni was founded in 2009 under the leadership of James Irvine. The factory is located in Verona, Italy and delves into the pursuit of this luxurious resource.

Marsotto Edizioni Galata

Marsotto Edizioni Galata side table. Image: Marsotto Edizioni

Their technical expertise and craftsmanship, combined with state-of-the-art technology to create state-of-the-art products, has led them to become one of the most respected names in marble furniture.

Marsotto Edizioni Mimmo

Marsotto Edizioni Mimmo dining table. Image: Marsotto Edizioni

In collaboration with renowned designers and architects, Marsotto Edizioni has revolutionized marble and made it accessible pieces for homes around the world. The brand’s signature pieces are “Galata” designed by Konstantin Grcic and the “Mimmo” dining table designed by James Irvine.

Ceccotti — Wood Craftsmen

With 60 years of woodworking, Founded in 1956, Cecotti has 60 years of experience in the wood trade where furniture is transformed into high quality products.

Armchair Ceccotti-TBone

Armchair Ceccotti T-Bone. Image: Ceccotti.

Their research into handcrafted wooden furniture and wood processing has led them to collaborate with countless top designers. Their global expansion is nothing short of spectacular. The “T-Bone” armchair designed by Jaime Hayon is one of the brand’s novelties.

Ceccotti Flying Circles

Ceccotti’s flying circles. Image: Ceccotti

Here you can observe how bentwood becomes curvy yet functional and rigid. Also, Massimo Castagna’s “Flying Circles” shelf is an exercise in perfection where solid American walnut woos nickel-plated steel finished in black, gold or bronze to significant effect.

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Dedon — Weaving Masters

Founded in 1990, Dedon prides itself on innovating fibers to create beautiful woven furniture. Considered one of the best brands in woven outdoor furniture, the craftsmen are based in Cebu, Philippines.

Dedon NestRest

Dedon NestRest hanging lounge chair. Image: Dedon

This is where the brand’s story began. They employed some of the best weavers in the world to differentiate the brand.

Dedon Rilly

Dedon Rilly High Back Chairs by GamFratesi. Image: Dedon

These weather-resistant fibers aren’t just colourfast, they’re flexible enough to weave into a bewildering array of intricate patterns. Their signature pieces include the “NestRest Hanging Lounge Chair” by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety and the “Rilly” High Back Chairs designed by GamFratesi.

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