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Some of us inherit homes filled with art objects, each telling a story from the past; and those who are not so lucky are often seen wandering around old haunts to cast their eyes on valuable heirloom coins thrown away in the absence of heirs. It is for this last batch of craft enthusiasts that Indranil Banerjie, owner of Banerjies, creates exceptional wooden items.

Banerjie, a researcher specializing in issues of national security and political risk, writes for various online and offline newspapers and journals.

Banerjie started his career as a journalist with The telegraph, after which he worked for India Today and NDTV, among others. In the 1990s, he launched a think tank focusing on national security issues and regional studies.

It was part of his calling. Indranil’s dormant creative ideas were transformed into animation when he traveled all over the world and became interested in carpentry.

Indranil Banerjie

“I’ve always wanted to do something creative with my own hands but never had the chance,” said Indranil, stressing that making a living is a priority. Sometimes, when he embarks on woodworking, the lack of financial means and know-how becomes a failure.

The desire to create never died out and was awakened by his visits to other countries, especially the United States of America, where Indranil came into contact with people who appreciated the decorative arts, especially furniture. and cabinetry. “After seeing some of the masterpieces of woodworking in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Moscow and London, I knew I was in love,” said Indranil, describing his creative process.

His brand, Banerjies, based in Greater Noida, is dedicated to creating handcrafted wooden family heirlooms that carry an old-world charm.

“I am greatly influenced by the aesthetics of the 18th century and our ancient artisans who created some of the finest wooden objects,” he said. “There are a lot of things that one can take from the past and adapt to create exquisite objects. It’s my way of preserving some of the long forgotten traditions.

Banerjie’s designs are utilitarian but project a vintage aura.

Mantel clocks – made from padauk, teak, sheesham, ash and maple, and finished with shellac or polyurethane – date back to 18e European classics of the century.

The Darjeeling tea box is the perfect buy for a tea lover. It is a functional but beautiful case for storing different kinds of teas, and can be made from any wood of your choice: ash, padauk, teak, sheesham, maple. The part is completed with a polishing of tung oil, shellac or polyurethane.

Tea box

Tea box


Other notable pieces of its lot are wall cabinets, pen boxes, cutlery cases, tool chests, tables and jewelry boxes.

Utility, aesthetics, construction, quality of wood used and final finish are paramount considerations before a buyer embarks on a purchase, observed Indranil.

Pen cases

Pen cases


Items can be custom ordered, and it takes up to three weeks to manufacture the products.

Click here to buy from Banerjies.

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