Legacies season 4 brought back the most legendary weapon from the Vampire Diaries

With Hope now the tribrid in Legacies, there’s only one thing capable of stopping her and that’s a callback to The Vampire Diaries’ greatest weapon.

In another connection with its predecessor, Heritage season 4 is back The vampire diary‘the most legendary and dangerous weapon – the white oak stake. After three seasons, Heritage Season 4, Episode 4 finally saw the inevitable happen: Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) unlocked her vampire side and became the Tribrid, Earth’s most powerful supernatural creature. Sadly, her turn towards vampirism also caused her to end her humanity, which is bad news for all parties involved.

As The vampire diary and The originals spent countless seasons exploring, vampires are terribly powerful. Worse, they have the ability to “switch off“their humanity, making them emotional killing machines without remorse. The originals, aka the original vampires, were even worse – ancient, inhumanly powerful, and incapable of being killed by conventional means; even methods that would kill one another vampire, like burning the alive or staking them through the heart, only slows down an Original in the world of The vampire diary. As Hope Mikaelson is the only tribrid to ever exist, the daughter of the world’s first and original hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan), she’s even harder to kill – virtually impossible, in fact, which is a problem considering how she currently has no human emotion or moral compass.


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However, Heritage Season 4, Episode 6, “You’re a Long Way From Home,” Finally Revealed There is a way to kill Hope, albeit only one way, and it revived a powerful weapon of Vampire diary. Heritage‘her own weapon that can kill Hope was made possible by a neat loophole created when she became the Tribrid; as always, nature seeks balance. Just before Hope becomes tribrid of Heritage, she, Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) combined their powers to create a magical tree, serving as a memorial to Hope and a reminder of her human life and how much she is loved. However, in Heritage Season 4, Episode 6, Cleo (Omono Okojie) realized in a flash of inspiration that it is this exact tree that has the power to kill Hope if one were to fashion a stake from her wood.

longtime viewers of The vampire diary will recognize participation in Cleo’s Heritage vision of season 4 as a reminder of the mythical white oak stake from the original series. The ancient white oak, believed to have burnt down long ago, is the origin of the Originals’ vampirism. Thus, stakes made from its wood were legendary for being the only weapons that could kill an Original. Due to their potentially huge impact on the characters, the White Oak stakes were interwoven in and out of the narrative as MacGuffins, bargaining chips, threats, and plot devices. Heritage has been implying for some time now that there is a way to kill the tribrid and that only Cleo has the ability to figure it out; now she has and it is a fitting revelation.

In hindsight, an improved version of the Mystical White Oak Stake being the only weapon capable of killing Hope should have been obvious. It’s a beautiful narrative anchor establishing Heritage in the universe of The vampire diary, something the fallout didn’t always seem to remember. Corn Heritage Season 4 did a great job of bringing the series back to its roots. No matter how bad the stories The vampire diary obtained, the show has always done a great job of grounding the supernatural elements, creatures, and magic into the rules of the world, the first rule being that nature will always seek balance, and when that balance is out of balance, nature will create a loophole to level it. The tree that Hope, Josie, and Lizzie magically created when Hope was human to be her living memorial being the only thing capable of killing her now that she’s the tribride is a stylish way to re-ground her story within the settings of the family. ‘universe. It also offers another parallel between Hope and Klaus, further highlighting the fact that despite everything she’s fought, now that she’s a vampire in Heritage, Hope looks a lot more like her father than she wants to admit.

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