Lies, lies, and Republicans

Considering what Republican candidates for public office say to voters, it’s surprising that any of them could be elected.

Of course, one reason is that Democrats are not fielding strong candidates with the money needed today to run a statewide or even a local campaign. And we should not just pick the person with the most money.

However, we usually do, because that person has the most name recognition and, in front of Alabama voters, you don’t do a lot of homework to figure out your candidates or the big issues.

The “illegals” don’t take jobs from Alabamians, as most all Republicans claim. Alabama has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States, and yet, there are still plenty of jobs available for those they want. Sure, some (most?) Of the jobs may not be what we prefer as a lifelong career, but they are jobs until we move on to better ones, right?

I made my stint at fast food. I’m not saying it’s fun, but it’s also not forced labor. By the time I worked at Burger King, we could choose whatever we wanted for lunch (free) and make it for ourselves. I once grilled a Whopper patty and fried a fish patty (at the time it was called “Whaler”), added some ketchup, pickle, and lettuce, and made a Whopper/Whaler sandwich. I can’t remember what I call it. Probably “Maybe that fishy.” I guess it was a life hack, but I only did it one time. A horrible conflict of taste, I suppose, and Fishy Cow never made the King’s menu.

Jobs, especially in the retail, food service, and leisure/hotel industries, are there, mostly for procurement. But many of the people would rather not.

Certainly not because undocumented workers take those jobs; those jobs remain open.

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So, this is the environment that allows a candidate for governor, like Lindy Blanchard, to claim that she will send the “illegals” back to Mexico and take them right to the airport. What Blanchard only proves is that he knows little about this country’s immigration challenges. On his own side, Blanchard thinks all undocumented immigrants are Mexicans. You know: brown people.

Sorry, it won’t be Gov. Blanchard, not like that. Many, if not most, undocumented workers have not even encountered Donald Trump’s wall that every Republican still seems to want to build. However, a report showed that Trump’s wall was broken – smashed with jigsaws and other tools available at any hardware store – more than 3,200 times. That wall may be indestructible, but many Republican brains are clear.

No, many (if not most) undocumented immigrants legally enter the country, then just overstay upon their reception. Visas will expire, and they will be comfortable. That is why it is civil, not criminal, violations. And these people come from all over the world, not just Mexico.

The first person detained by police under Alabama’s horrific anti-immigration law earlier was a German executive who worked at Mercedes. That harsh law has little application today because the federal courts have thrown out most of it, but are they Mexicans? They have to be stopped somehow, right, Lindy and Kay and Tim and Katie and Mike and Mo and the others?

Lindy-the-lacking and other candidates had to do some homework. Hell, just Google it!

Katie Britt, who at one point seemed better than Republicans running for the U.S. Senate, joined the gaslight gang. He wants to continue building Trump’s broken wall, like something it has done other than spending millions of tax dollars. Britt’s TV commercials are cliché ‘Republican – ad nauseum, so to speak.

Alas, Britt is certainly better than Mike Durant, who denies his own sister’s story of years of sexual abuse at their father’s will. Durant’s TV ads are just horrible and, like all these Republican ads, full of lies and diversion. But Britt’s lies are no better than the others.

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Mo Brooks, also a candidate for the Senate, watched last week as Trump withdrew his endorsement of Brooks, a member of the House and Jan. 6 coup-inciter. Brooks, however, is proud of that endorsement despite Trump’s withdrawal. Most likely, Trump saw the writing on the defective wall and decided not to support a loser – you know, a loser like him (it takes one to know one!).

Trump likes to endorse “winners,” which is why he usually doesn’t endorse upcoming races. It’s about Trump, not anyone else. Why is it so hard for Trump sycophants to understand? Maybe Mo can explain to them all about Trump’s loyalty.

I might criticize the media for not holding candidates accountable. But most candidates will not answer media questions. They don’t believe in accountability or transparency, despite what their nonsensical TV ads say. In the past, candidates would conduct a series of debates. No longer. Everyone was quiet in front of the campaign, where the truth was concerned.

They look like Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall before the Senate Judiciary Committee at hearings on the latest Supreme Court justice nominee, an African-American woman more qualified than Marshall for any position she holds. Of course, he was against it. Marshall, on national TV, disagreed that Joe Biden was the rightly and fairly elected president of the United States. Marshall embarrassed Alabama, if we could even be embarrassed by anything. But it also shows how disconnected our attorney general is from the real world.

THESE are the people WE have chosen.

There are Democrats running for governor and for U.S. senator and for other state and local offices. They are so underfunded and unaware that they are not being measured in the polls.

Why not? Because they can’t compete on one level of play. In Alabama, it’s still the less dreadful Republican, and that’s what we’re going to vote for. Not a well -qualified person, mind you; the least despicable of them.

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Sure, we need changes. But those changes won’t come until we know and vote for the candidates who will work for the Alabamians – all of them – and not the candidates who just spew a lot of Red states that smoke in our butts when they campaign.

Joey Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize winner, writes one column per week for the Alabama Political Reporter. Email: [email protected]. Twitter: @joeykennedy

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