Making Your Own Kaneda Bike From Akira Sounds Really Hard

Pictured is the unpainted bike with LED lights in the wheels.

Unpainted, it looks cool.
Screenshot: Ayato/YouTube/Kotaku

YouTuber Ayato has a big project on his hands: making a DIY Kaneda bike from Akira. The Kaneda bike is one of anime’s most iconic bikes – no, let this popular culture be written big. There are many Kaneda bike projects on YouTube, but in my opinion this one is the best.

In a series of clips, Ayato documented his progress. It’s a colossal project, and for that be street legal must abide by Japanese law, but Ayato tackled it with aplomb and skill.

Ayato started with a Yamaha Majesty 250 bike, but set the parameter that he wanted to try making the Kaneda bike with what he had at home. (During the project, he commissioned a few items, but retained a DIY ethos in his approach.)

In this video, uploaded nine months ago, he disassembles the Yamaha Majesty 250 and electrically saws off any unwanted metal on the bike’s bare frame. He then welded the parts he needed.

Here, Ayato talks about the changes he’s going to make to the original design. For example, he’s not a fan of the Kaneda bike seat in the anime (and manga), so he changes the design to a bucket seat, which he prefers.

However, other parts, such as the iconic front end and wheel design, will remain unchanged.

The other thing that makes the Kaneda bike design tricky is how the bike’s handlebar can be raised and lowered. Ayato also decided to keep this and bring it to life.

He first made the body out of cardboard, then created it out of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). You can see the process in the clips below.

It’s even more impressive when you find out that he uses things like cat food bowls to create shapes.

You can really start to see the project come to life.

The project isn’t finished yet, but it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

The clips are quite in-depth. And although they are not in English, the images are long. Yes you modify or customize bikes (or make accessories and crafts), you should hopefully be able to keep up.

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