manja: Manja injures 506 birds in one week | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: As Uttarayan approaches, the fervor for the kite increases day by day. But what brings us joy is wreaking havoc for birds across town.

According to Jivdaya Charitable Trust (JCT) in Ahmedabad, as many as 547 cases of birds were injured in the first week of January itself. The trend is almost comparable to that of the same period last year, where around 700 cases were reported in the first 10 days of January.
This means that around 50 to 70 cases of bird injuries are reported in a day and most of them are caused by manja (kite ropes covered with glass).
The most commonly injured birds are crows, pigeons, ibises, parrots, kites, cormorants, owls and green pigeons. Moumita, program manager at JCT, said: “Most birds injure themselves after being trapped in a tangle of manja that can be found in trees, bushes and even on roads and along patio walls. . The more they try to break free and flap their wings, the greater the degree of injury when the wire sinks into the wound.
About 10% of injured birds died from serious injuries. “The number of cases is almost the same as last year. Fortunately, we have more volunteers this time around to help us manage bird injuries as well as provide rescues. We have repeatedly urged people not to use sharp, coated glass or plastic wires to fly kites. We also urge them to be careful when they fly kites, ”said Gira Shah, administrator of JCT.
Several rare birds are also found injured at this time of year.

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