May 2022 – Maine Summer Guide


The Ultimate Guide to Summer in Maine

Your region-by-region overview of the traditions, activities and events that make summer in the Pine Tree State unforgettable. It’s time to start planning your vacation.

By Will Grunewald, Amber Kapiloff, Brian Kevin, Joyce Kryszak, Adrienne Perron and Mira Ptacin

Running comment

With global warming and other events returning from the pandemic hiatus, we pay tribute to the races, personalities and unflappable spirit that make Maine a runner’s paradise.

By Adrienne Perron, Brian Kevin, Jaed Coffin and Kathryn Miles

Lost in the Valley?

In Maine’s Saint-Jean valley, bastion of Acadian culture, it is becoming increasingly rare to hear the “French of the valley”, which was once more common than English. What is the stake if it is lost?

By Eric Bodman


North by East

The future is bright for Prospect Harbor’s Big Jimthe past is made present at Kittery Wood Island Lifeboat Stationand Maine is besieged organic dairy producers find a way forward. Moreover, in Dispatches from Mainea farewell to the oldest drive-in theater in the state.

Food and drink

The food at one Lunch South of Portland let you know you were there. Fill up at Thomaston gas station barbecue. A Remarkable Group of Maine Writers take a bite out of hunger.

Good things from Maine

A paper artist pleats beautiful creations, The Vault vintage market provides a collaborative place for antique sellers, and a cabinetmaker wants everyone to know DIY coffins.

Maine houses

A Disassembly of Peaks Island is not demolished, and a champion of the humanities gives him Braunschweig Lounge an animal touch. As well, Maine Preservation Honor Award winners by


Where in Maine

Maine time


Editor’s note, reader comments, responses to March’s Where in Maine, and more.


Story: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Maine Road Trip; Room with a view.

My favorite place

Space archaeologist Sarah Parcak, on MDI’s Seal Harbor beach.

On our cover: Vizcaya Pond, Pemaquid Peninsula, by Cara Dolan.

Additional photos: Chris Shane, Nicole Wolf and Benjamin Williamson

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