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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Just over a thousand people remain without power, others are gathering to help people with another challenge – tree branches and debris left in their yards.

It’s easy to pick up smaller branches by hand, but the reality is that some people just don’t know how to cut those big tree branches or what to do with them once they’re cut.

Well, a group of Memphians makes this process a little easier at no cost.

It’s been 10 days since an ice storm knocked out power and cut tree limbs for residents of south-central.

Caroline Gillard just moved into her home in the High Point Terrace neighborhood eight months ago.

“I didn’t know where to start. As a new owner, I have never experienced anything like this,” Gillard said.

She said that once her electricity went out, she went to get help to remove tree branches and debris from her yard.

“I joined the NextDoor group for High Point Terrace and that’s where I saw Dana’s message. She was volunteering for people who needed help with the situation I was in,” said said Gillard.

She came across a message in the NextDoor app with volunteers offering to clean lawns for free.

Dana Mansolillo, the one who posted, said they started running.

“Day one there was just four of us – it was him and his wife and Wes, great guy. I think we knocked out 13 houses that first day, 12 houses and a school I believe.

She said with the help of Jeff Seidman and about 20 other volunteers, they managed to clear dozens of homes.

“It’s great, I’m glad there are a lot of us doing it, it’s good that we’re making a dent. It’s a small thing, but enough of us together it’s a big thing,” Seidman said.

They received so many requests that they had to create a form to fill out and schedule an appointment to streamline requests.

“It was amazing. I struggled at first because the requests for help were coming in the mail and I was spending hours weeding the posts,” Mansolillo said.

The volunteers said they reached more than 30 homes in just 10 days and would keep the form open for as long as they see fit.

To complete the form to have your land cleaned or to volunteer.

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