Paulie Gee recalls Blaze Pizza, earning a solid ranking

Last year a friend of mine said that Paulie Gee had great pizza and my first thought was that she was talking about a new club that had opened by the great “Jersey Shore” DJ Pauly D.

I was puzzled and asked her to repeat what she had said – it was really called Paulie Gee.

When it was time to order, I sifted through and sorted through Food Network’s fancy pizza options, fearing they didn’t offer classic pepperoni. I called, held on, asked for a pepperoni, and was pleasantly surprised to hear the worker on the other end of the line say, “Yeah, can you pick it up at 8 h? »

Why yes, yes I could.

However, after nearly slipping several times on the icy sidewalks of Short North while picking up the pizza, I decided that the 10 degree wind chill temperatures were not conducive to a safe and effective review – I was thinking of you, the consumer, when I made that decision.

Nonetheless, I continued and tried to ignore my roommate’s cat walking around behind the camera and the smell of my roommate’s recently cooked pasta. Luckily for my taste buds, after all the roadblocks, Paulie Gee delivers.

When I opened the box, what I saw made me nervous. There were big black bubbles from the burnt crust, and the edges of the bowl-shaped pepperonis were turned up with grease caked inside.

When I ripped off a slice, my worries grew worse as the majority of the toppings fell onto the pizza box with a resounding snap. I scraped off the cheese and pepperoni and put it all back on the slice before taking a bite.

The slice crust fell apart, the toppings fell off again, there wasn’t much sauce and there was little cheese to be found – a recipe for disaster.

Although it was a pizza folder – out of personal preference – making it with Paulie Gee’s was a must in order to keep all the toppings from falling off the pizza like an avalanche.

However, after the first bite, I wanted more. After the second bite, I wanted even more.

Paulie Gee’s had kind of taken all the things that usually result in a low rating in my reviews and turned it into something full of flavor that reminded me of a better executed Blaze pizza, because the crust had been baked on a fire wood in the same way.

I would suggest going in and sitting with friends to enjoy Paulie Gee instead of driving back with it. The atmosphere inside was relaxed – offering both bar and table seating – which might give you more for your money and offset a rather high price.

Rating: 7.3/10

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