Phoenix puzzle store sees business explode during pandemic

Puzzles have seen a resurgence during the pandemic, with many looking for activities to keep the whole family busy and engaged.

Phoenix puzzle maker says he’s seen business explode.

Jeff Campbell started creating wooden puzzles about a year ago after being in the publishing business for decades.

“I thought the puzzles would be a lot of fun,” Campbell said. “They’re unique, there’s really nothing like it in Arizona where anyone makes these type of puzzles, so I figured that would be a good market to get in. “

His laser cutter helps create unique and challenging puzzles for his business, Fancy wooden puzzles.

“Once it’s glued to the board, we bring it back to the laser and the laser will cut it out based on the program we put it in – depending on the program, we tell it how to cut the puzzle,” Campbell explained.

Whimsy Wood Puzzles seemed to gain popularity overnight, Campbell said.

“People were sitting at home, puzzles were getting hard to find,” he explained. “It was like overnight, the business just exploded.”

Campbell says he takes pride in creating his puzzles.

“We call them heritage grade wood puzzles,” he said. “They’re on a quarter-inch board, they’re very high quality, they’ll last a long time.”

Now that the holidays are gearing up, Campbell says he opens his shop every weekend until Christmas. Puzzles with personalized images can also be created.

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