Satire is a strange and wonderful thinker Hands-on preview

The mysterious and disturbing atmosphere of Scorn forbids memories of the Alien franchise, particularly due to Kepler’s well-known love of the works of HR Giger. The labyrinthian hallways are filled with flesh-infused machinery and blood-soaked contraptions that you will soon begin to interact with, even if you are hesitant to do so. Despite being a scary, scary, and confusing place, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by how well-designed Scorn was, even when I didn’t know where I was, what was going on, and what I was supposed to do. out.

That’s why Scorn is so appealing. No tutorials, no advice, and no hand-holding. You are thrown into this separate world with no idea who you are or why you are there. By exploring each room and control panel, you begin to find ways to the next area. The puzzles were layered, and even though I only saw a couple, they kept me hooked from start to finish. After making my way through the starting area and taking in all the fine details with the horrors surrounding me, I ended up in a large room with a large platform in the middle.

The ground featured a railing system where I had to roll something over it, and there were distracting overhead saws holding chairs, moving cranes, and so many places I had to push my hand over as I want. With a piece of equipment now in my hand, I had the ability to move these puzzle pieces. I was also able to insert both hands into pillars which would open doors and more. Once I began to understand what I needed to do, the pieces began to fall into place, however, I was not ready for another ‘being’ that became part of the puzzle.

I had to move these pods against a wall so the mechanical grabber could hit the right one. Once I spent enough time trying to fix it, looking like a deformed person became the key to escape. I had to free it from its cage, move it around the large room using the large platform in the middle until I could cut him off and use his arm to open a large door that required two sets of hands. It was surprising, but a genius twist on the complex puzzle I had to solve.

Once I cleared the room, the next puzzle I encountered had me trying to insert three separate pods into an organism that would eventually…well, let’s not spoil it here. All you need to know is that, despite the difficult puzzles to solve, freedom of exploration is key to finding what you need to do. Throughout the preview, I spent a long time absorbing each location, no matter how horrible and horrible everything was. Kepler created not only an intelligent first-person experience, they also encapsulated the horror and beauty seen in much of HR Giger’s work.

While I haven’t played Scorn in its entirety, the hours I’ve spent with it have filled me with excitement for the finished product. The puzzles are clever and layered, and the world design is both creepy and charming. For most of its time on the ether, knowing what Scorn is has been a mystery. Now I started with what to expect, I can honestly say that the developers have something very interesting in their hands.

Mockery is due out on October 14 for PC and Xbox Series S|X.

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