Sockventure is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 14th

Where do the missing socks go?

Here are some questions that are as old as time. Boxers or brief? What was the color of dress we were all arguing about in 2015? Where does that missing sock really go? Well I have the answer in socks, on an adventure of course, or Sockventure as they say.

Sockventure originally came out in Spring 2021 on PC, but developer Nighthouse Games is working to make it more mobile and is now coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 14th.

Play as Supersock, a superhero whose job is to find all the missing socks. Where are those socks located? Inside a cursed washing machine. You can go to a Sockventure through seven colorful chapters and over 200 hand -made levels.

Sockventure bringing an amazing mix of difficulty, depth, colorful level design and fast-paced fun gameplay to the platforming genre, not to mention that the game is another fantastic candidate for the fast-paced community to tackle. ”said by Steve Escalante, General Manager of the game publisher Versus Evil. ”The Nintendo Switch is famously home to many great platformer games and we know that fans of this genre are getting one of the best platformers in 2022. “

Accuracy -based gameplay along with split second timing will be your biggest ally as you search for the missing sock. You have to put out the fire, dodge the lasers, and jump on the jigsaws to find every missing little sock that wants to hug up to a foot.

As you go in search of the missing sock, the Supersock will lean on the wall jump, double jump, dash, and stomp. Along with learning new skills as you play, be sure to keep an eye out for coins scattered throughout the levels. That will unlock dark chapters, labor Sockventure seems like another game.

Sockventure is now out on PC via Steam, GOG and The Epic Game Store. The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch on April 14th.

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