Spawn’s Sam and Twitch Become Killer Figures McFarlane Toys

Spawn’s fan-favorite cop buddy duo gets new sculpted action figures for the first time in years courtesy of McFarlane Toys.

Sam and Twitch from Spawn fame is getting a new release of two action figures from McFarlane Toys in the near future.

The new sculpts of the two characters were teased on McFarlane Toys’ Instagram account with a classic quote from the duo: “Yeah I’m sure we got our killer.” No release date has been announced, but the numbers mark the first time Sam and Twitch have received action figures in years.

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McFarlane Toys previously released sculptures of the two detectives in 1997, among the first Spawn toys made by what was then only a three-year-old company. Sam and Twitch also received numbers in 2004 as part of McFarlane Toys’ Spawn – The Classic Comic Book Covers line, which has immortalized various Spawn plastic characters based on iconic cover compositions. The stylized grayscale sculpts of Sam and Twitch were based on the duo’s appearance on the cover of Sam and Twitch #22, which was illustrated by Ashley Wood in 2001.

Who are Sam and Twitch?

Sam Burke and Maximilian “Twitch” Williams first appeared in 1992 Spawn #1. Both die-hard New York detectives, Sam represented the muscle of the duo while Twitch presented the smarts. The pair were rare good cops in a city plagued by corruption, and their investigations often saw them come up against dangerous superhuman foes like the cyborg OvertKill. Despite Spawn’s initial mistrust, the two cops eventually developed a tolerance and respect for Hell’s brooding hero.

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The couple received a self-titled series in 1999 thanks to their popularity. Sam and Twitch ran for 26 issues before being canceled in 2003. Later limited runs featuring the pair include those from 2003 Case Files: Sam and Twitch and the 2010s Sam and Twitch: The Writer. An additional series of eight issues, Sam and Twitch: the real detectives, was announced in 2018 to coincide with a television adaptation of the two characters being developed. In 2021, Todd McFarlane announced that the show would be produced by his McFarlane Films division and wiip, an independent studio responsible for the HBO miniseries. Easttown Mare.

Further information about the TV series has yet to be released. At the time of the series announcement, McFarlane expressed his gratitude for the two Spawn characters. “Their stories, blending traditional noir crime and the supernatural, is a combination that I always thought would make for entertaining TV drama…” he said. “If you like cool, brooding, scary and weird crime stories, this will be your cup of tea!”

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