Store Repair, Resumed ..

This is the ‘after’ (or more accurately, the ‘while’) picture

2021 is over. Beware, there is really nothing about politics in this post.

Last month, I started reorganizing the store. This month I still am. It started as an effort to hide my (too many) hand planes and get out of the way. After a few experiments, I came up with a cleat arrangement that holds them perpendicular to the wall. I don’t really have a detailed plan, just a general idea of ​​what I want. I started by working around an electrical outlet because that wouldn’t go anywhere. After getting 18 of them I decided I needed to set aside some room for other tools.

The new pine knot; I work hard on getting the color to match reasonably with old things. The old pegboard is history now. It’s time for a beer ..

Then there’s the pegboard. I put that on shortly after the garage was built in 2019, but I didn’t like it – Whenever I take a tool off a hook, the damn hook will also come out. A real pain in the ass.

The salvaged pine I had was exhausted, so go to the building supply store for more pine knots. They only have a small stack left over from other work, and they only sell it a lot. It was more than I needed, but the price was nice. One can never have too much wood. I think there is enough left to make the bathroom upstairs.

But first, the store. Priorities, you know. Lowering the pegboard is easy. Demolition is usually .. I cut and nailed new planks and then soaped about 29 stains before saying “Fuck it, it’s close enough for a garage.”

So I now have a new blank record to work on. It’s cold.

Here is the new wall in the process of being populated. So far, I have hammers and screwdrivers, along with a few shelves. The color of the new wood doesn’t quite match the old, but like I said, it’s close enough.

Next, I need to make a saw till and a file rack. The hand saws will pass over the right side near the window and the files will fit between them and the screwdrivers. I no longer have red oak (The wood I want to use for making tool holders) so those will have to wait until next week.

The ‘new’ wall, in-progress. Oh, and I finally broke down and got a drill press – It’s on the right, in front of the window. The drill presses are impressive.

I arrange the tools by function. Approximately. Tools for handling, handling, and handling – Wrenches, pliers, vice grips, etc. – together. Then came the tools for cutting, shaving, gouging, or peeling wood. That is the various planes, chisels, spokeshaves, scrapers, routers, and so on. These are followed by drills, augers, bits, etc. Then, around the corner, various hammers and screwdrivers. That’s the master plan, until that changes.

I had some scrap wood pallets lying around, and that was enough to include a shield for the bank grinder. The result is nothing fancy, but it will prevent debris from spewing into everything behind the grinder. I’ve wanted to do this for months. Mister Procrastination, that’s me.

And yes, I used the new drill press to make the screw holes. They get good and straight. Time for a beer and a bowl!

Another side project. I have a 3/8 ”tungsten-carbide rod that I use for burning (putting a cutting burr on the side of) scrapers, but it doesn’t come with a handle. I have a few small pieces of purple heart – A hard, dense, fine grain wood, perfect for this purpose.

The drill press really simplifies. Here is the finished burning tool, using a brand-new, well-balanced handle.

It took an hour, two beers, and three bowls of herbs to make this handle. Time well spent.

Pa one more side project. I’ve had a crappy offshored bench vice since the eighties. I have hated that vice for 30+ years. Back on Labor Day weekend, I picked a better one at a garage sale, and I finally got around to setting it up.

It’s a bit smaller than the old one, but it’s better made.

Since it was going to be a working tool, I just separated it, cleaned it with mineral spirits, put a little grease and a little grease, and reassembled. No need to strip it up to bare metal and re-paint-I’ll abuse it with hammers, mallets, pry-bars, sledges, etc. It all took less than an hour. I’ve seen people on YouTube take these old vices and turn them into gems. I don’t really see the point, if you plan to use it as a vice.

The mounting bolt pattern is a standard size-It’s just bold in the old holes. Nice, Beer time!

Here’s a sneak peek at a future diary. I got it recently very much Art Deco toaster on eBay for $ 45 (including shipping, of course). I will remove it and do the usual things with it.

It works, just needs good cleaning.

Finally, Georgia gives them Michigan their asses as I finish it. There is no National Championship for the Wolverines this time around.

Oh, and the power went out tonight around 9:00 PM. It is estimated that it can be returned before 1:00 AM. Going back to that generator back in the day was a good idea.

Have a healthy and happy 2022, everyone, and keep safe!


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