Strong winds cause concern in North Bay

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – Strong winds continue to blow across the Bay Area with a strong wind warning in effect for many North Bay towns.

It was certainly cold and windy in the high elevations of Marin County Tuesday night.

The wind howled throughout the evening and, as you can imagine, that worried neighbors and firefighters.

Although it’s not fire season, Marin County Fire says they are taking this wind event seriously, especially after seeing the wildfire that started in Monterey County just a few years ago. weeks.

“There is a lot of wind and it has been dry for more than four weeks now. Wish it was a lot more humid this time of year. We’ve had quite a bit of rain, but we should have a lot more now and I’m starting to worry about the fires again,” said Raul Jonkman.

Raul Jonkman lives north of the Panoramic district and although he is used to blowing up events like this, he says the weather seems to get more extreme every year.

“I lived here for 10 years and have seen the weather get more erratic over the past 10 years,” Jonkman said.

Although it’s not fire season, the Marin County Fire Department says it also takes these winds seriously and makes sure crews are well positioned to tackle any obstacles that may introduce themselves to them.

“Even though it’s winter, we just haven’t had the rain we normally would have had this month. It’s been over a month since it last rained, so our fuel conditions are ready for a wind like this to cause a fire that could spread, just like what we saw in Monterey. This fire destroyed a thousand acres overnight, so we take it seriously,” Battalion Chief Bret McTigue said.

Strong winds are expected to last through Thursday, prompting a burning ban in the county. Battalion Chief Bret McTigue is also asking that people avoid certain areas until later this week.

“We are telling people to avoid the trails until we get to Thursday and Friday just because we might have tree branches falling and the Mount Tam watershed we are asking people to stay off of the watershed and stay on open trails that don’t have tree cover,” McTigue said.

Despite these strong winds, a few people were hiking and biking on Tuesday evening.

Again, the fire department asks you to avoid trails with dense tree cover and to stay aware of your surroundings.

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