The 10 best pumpkin carving kits in 2021

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Turning a nice round pumpkin into a ghoul, ghost, or demon is less a matter of raw carving talent than finding an effective tool set. While the knife drawer may have been the go-to option a decade and more ago, today there are easy-to-use sets that will help you create an elaborate and intricate design without breaking a sweat (or your skin). .

What to consider

At first, carving a pumpkin might not seem like a big deal, but when you end up with poor carving work, you may change your mind. Carving sets take the stress out of creating the perfect pumpkin, but you’ll definitely want to keep the following in mind before you hit “buy.”

User age: Some kits are designed for young children, while others are for adults. We’ve also included several with a range of tools for each member of your family.

Kit type: Some carving sets offer a few high quality tools, while others have more than 10 knives and carvers. Some kits also contain stencils or guides for those who don’t know where to start when it comes to pumpkin design.

Goals: If you want to achieve Pumpkin Masters level precision, look for our pro level kits. If you just want to have a good time with your kids, opt for one of our budget basics. There is also a lot of choice between the two.

How we selected

We first considered the range of pumpkin carving needs. Next, we looked at hundreds of options, analyzed expert recommendations, and looked at consumer reviews. Below you’ll find a list that includes the best of everything we’ve found.

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Best Basic Kit For Teens +

BOOtiful Professional Pumpkin Carving Kit

BOOtiful carving tools

$ 15.92

This four-piece pumpkin carving set includes a knife, spoon and two carving tools. The set is durable and easy to use for teens 14 and older. While this basic, durable set is a big improvement over a regular knife and spoon, you’ll need to have an idea of ​​what you want to do before you start, as it doesn’t come with any stencils or instructions. specific.

One reviewer praises the “surprisingly good quality of the set”, while another raves that they will be “the last set of pumpkin carving tools I have ever purchased. Damn, these can be passed on to my grandchildren, they are so strong and sharp. ”

Speaking of sharp, others warn not to let “children use them unsupervised.”


Professional level

Yostyle Professional Pumpkin Carving Tools


$ 15.99

This 18 piece pumpkin carving set includes shovel, drill, engraving tool, double-sided and fine-tooth saw, double-sided carving tools, semi-circular knife, LED pumpkin candles, paper cutting template and pumpkin patterns.

The sturdy set also comes with a storage package and a cage. This set is intended for ages 9 and up, with the help of a supervising adult. The set comes with a 12 month warranty.

One reviewer says “this is a great kit and the tools are solid!” While another notes that it has “everything you need” to make “carving and detailing” easy.


Best Guided Process

Comfy Mate 12 Piece Pumpkin Carving Kit

Comfortable companion

$ 20.99

This 12 piece pumpkin carving set includes two saws, an arched engraving tool, a poker drill, spoons, six double-sided carving tools, a high-quality storage bag and an eBook with 1000 models of stencils. This will meet your Halloween carving needs whether you are a beginner or a professional.

The advanced tools will help even beginners to achieve 3D details like nose, teeth and hair with clear instructions and patterns. It is recommended for ages 9 and over with supervision.

One reviewer says it was their “first sculpture set since I was a child.” The set lasted more than 12 years.

Others praise the e-book, saying it allowed them to be “very specific”.


Safest bet

JUSTOTRY Simple and Safe Pumpkin Carving Kit


$ 19.99

This 7 piece pumpkin kit is ideal for families with young children. It is, quite simply, a set of pumpkin punch-outs. You create a basic sketch of where you want the eyes, nose, and mouth to go, then use a hammer or rubber mallet (sold separately) to “punch” the stencils (10 different designs are suggested, but you can get creative).

The stencils are sharp enough to puncture a pumpkin, but won’t damage human skin with a single touch, making them ideal if you have young children. It’s great for kids ages 3 and up, with adult supervision.

Critics say “adult help is still needed”, but the set “removes a lot of the tedious work of pumpkin carving.”


Best pop-out stencils

FunWorld Pumpkin Carving Kit


$ 9.99

This set includes several key tools, including sculptors and a shovel, but what really sets it apart are the 10 sculpting templates and the marker that help inexperienced sculptors look like Pumpkin Masters. This set is ideal for ages 9 and up, under adult supervision.

Reviewers say the “kit makes sculpting so easy!” The little knives were the perfect tools, and everyone seemed terribly impressed with the result, too.


Ideal for the youngest

Master Pumpkin Pumpkin Carving Kit

Pumpkin Masters

$ 5.99

This set is ideal for young children (ages 4 and up) under adult supervision. While there are some sharp tools throughout, there is a plastic-only shovel and sculptor so your young children can take ownership of the sculpting process. The kit also includes 10 fun models.

One reviewer calls the set “awesome”, another says they “won’t use anything else”, but some complain that plastic tools look “cheap”.


Best rugged set

EZIK 3 Piece Pumpkin Carving Kit Tools

This sturdy pumpkin carving set is made from high quality steel and is perfect for adults ages 16 and up.

While the set contains only three pieces, the single-sided engraving saw, pumpkin spoon, and engraving tool are sharp and deliver precise, professional-grade results.

Reviewers love the precision and high level of design possible with these simple, straightforward tools, but warn that they are very sharp and will cause injury if not used correctly.


Most complete kit

SKINOSM Pumpkin Carving Kit

This low cost kit offers incredible value for money with 42 pieces in total including a cooper pumpkin, large saw, small saw, scraper, drill, poker wheel, six LED candles, 10 cutting stencils and 20 unique cellophane candy bags.

This kit is also focused on child safety and contains no sharp blades, making it ideal for large families and children ages 4 and up under adult supervision.

One reviewer writes that they are “extremely happy with this product”, while another notes that “although the small knives bend depending on how you tilt the cut, most of the equipment held up and worked well “.


Best details

Antner Professional Pumpkin Carving Tools

This adults-only 10 piece pumpkin carving set is designed for easy grip and use, and will do a quick job even on the firmest pumpkins. This set contains a pumpkin scraper, an engraving tool, a saw, an L-shaped serrated knife and 10 tools that will allow for serious and meticulous 3-D detailing. The set comes with a premium storage bag.

One reviewer writes that the quality for the price makes the whole thing a “steal”. I was shocked at the sharpness of the tools. I never struggled to sculpt my design. Others praise the “huge metal ball”.


Best knives

ILEGYGO 11 Piece Stainless Steel Pumpkin Kit


$ 13.99

This 11-piece pumpkin carving kit includes a great set of carving knives and tools, including shovel, double-saw knife, one-sided saw, semi-circular knife, pumpkin drill, six double-sided carving tools, and a skull storage bucket to keep everything inside.

The kit’s riveted stainless steel handles make it a powerful weapon in your attempt to dominate pumpkin design, but also make it less than ideal for children under the age of 14, and even then they should be supervised. .

Reviewers love ‘high quality tools’, adding ‘it has pretty much everything you need’.

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