The Big Signs All Missed Early In Jigsaw

The mechanics of how the “Jigsaw” rotation is put together is important to understand how the rotation is described. In Jigsaw’s first game room, all of his victims have buckets attached to their heads and are pulled onto a wall of buzzsaws. To stop the blades, the victims must cut themselves and bleed, at which time the saws stop and they can remove their bucket.

They do it all except Victim # 5. He doesn’t wake up in time to save himself from the trap. As the four other victims were pulled into the next room, Victim # 5 collided with a wall of saws.

Victim # 5 is Nelson, who is obviously alive and well ten years after he failed the test. A flashback to the end of the film reveals that John Kramer rescued him at the last moment because the crime he committed – disrupting Kramer’s hospital charts that led to his cancer not being diagnosed – was an honest mistake.

If you go back and watch the opening scene again with the buzzsaws, you’ll notice that as Victim # 5 is pulled against the wall, the camera moves away to avoid showing his immortality. On your first watch, you may not have thought of it. But the fact that we don’t see Kill Victim # 5 is a big clue that he didn’t actually die. The “Saw” movies are fun to show viewers the bloody consequences of failing one of Jigsaw’s trials. Thus, any “death” not shown on the screen should be treated with suspicion.

“Jigsaw” is currently available to stream on Peacock.

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