‘The Family Chantel’: Nicole Jimeno’s Instagram story hints she broke up with boyfriend Alejandro Padron

Nicole Jimeno’s turbulent relationship with her lover Alejandro Padron was shown in seasons 2 and 3 of “The Family Chantel.” Nicole, on the other hand, seemed to have moved on from Alejandro and the drama, as she shared a mysterious Instagram post.

Nicole Jimeno, Pedro’s younger sister, has had many ups and downs with her lover, Alejandro Padron. Pedro and Nicole’s mother, Lidia Jimeno, had two children with a married man, which is something of a “family tradition.” Both Pedro and Lidia are adamantly opposed to Nicole dating Alejandro, who is also married. Nicole will face the possibility of a reunion with her ex-boyfriend, Alejandro Padron, ahead of the season premiere.


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Nicole met Alejandro while he was still married, and she supported him through his divorce, which happened in Season 3. There were still concerns when Nicole found out he had sent a message to a lady in her DMs with “a seductive tone”. The couple also ran into trouble when Alejandro resented Nicole’s desire for bigger breasts, but chose to continue their relationship nonetheless. Nicole’s mother, Lidia, despised Alejandro because she didn’t like his job, the fact that he was married, and everything else about him. All the red flags in their relationship seem to have finally arrived for Nicole.

Where were Nicole and Alejandro at the end of season 3 of ‘La Famille Chantel’?

Nicole and Alejandro separated during season 3 of “The Family Chantel” when he refused to accept her decision to undergo breast augmentation. He had also been discovered online talking with a woman. Fans don’t blame Nicole for Alejandro’s infidelity, especially since their relationship is long and theatrical in “The Family Chantel.” Nicole, on the other hand, returned to Alejandro, perhaps to spite her older brother. A fight between Pedro and Alejandro appeased Nicole’s feelings for Alejandro, which rekindled their romance. In the most recent episode of “The Family Chantel,” Alejandro said he was officially divorced, but Nicole had her doubts.

Viewers found Nicole and Alejandro’s reconciliation absurd. Nicole quickly forgot that Alejandro cheated on her because she intended to humiliate her brother by finding Alejandro. The move seemed odd, given Nicole and Pedro’s uncomfortably close sibling bond. Nicole is not only determined to disrupt Pedro’s marriage to Chantel, but she would also become a cheater again simply because her brother antagonized him. Nicole’s rekindled connection with Alejandro was more concerned with annoying Pedro and feeling sorry for Alejandro than finding out the truth about the incident.

Many fans have started watching the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise to see romance romances. Viewers who want to see true love will be disappointed by Nicole’s turbulent relationship with Alejandro and her explanation for getting back together with him. The public often finds it hard to accept that Nicole would be outraged if Alejandro cheated on her because he is still married. Although Pedro and Lidia came across as energetic and antagonistic in their assessments of Alejandro, Nicole’s best friend Coraima Morla also expressed her thoughts on the relationship. Nicole was instructed by Coraima to leave Alejandro for good. Alejandro is terrible news for Nicole, because Coraima always supports her.

All in all, Nicole and Alejandro’s relationship is little more than a source of ridiculous drama for audiences. Alejandro is disloyal and Nicole is more concerned about Pedro than Alejandro. Nicole’s fixation on upsetting her older brother will eventually lead her to make a shocking revelation, as she is depicted in the season’s trailers accusing her brother of cheating on Chantel with Coraima. The news of Nicole is happily passed on to her sister-in-law, who seems delighted at the idea of ​​separating Chantel and Pedro. Many fans of “The Family Chantel” don’t want to see more of Alejandro or Nicole’s efforts to break up her brother’s relationship for his entertainment.

(RL) Lidia Morel, Nicole Jimeno, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno in ‘The Chantel Family’ (IMDb)

Nicole Jimeno and Alejandro Padron may have separated

Nicole shared an Instagram post that hinted at issues in her relationship with Alejandro. When fans last saw them on “The Family Chantel,” they were miles apart, but still in love. Nicole’s photo was of a cartoon duck stuffing a heart into another box of hearts. “Me, I’m packing up my love because no one deserves it,” the caption read before the snap.

Season 4 of ‘The Family Chantel’ premieres on TLC Monday, June 6 at 8 PM ET/PT. Fans want to know if Alejandro and his pristine hair managed to win Nicole back after a tantrum over her plastic surgery, or if Nicole’s Instagram story really meant anything.

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