Truck driver ‘bludgeoned 20-year-old friend 20 times with electric saw before stuffing her body in wheelie bin’

A LORRY driver allegedly bludgeoned his friend over the head 20 times with a saw before stuffing her body in a wheelie bin.

Neculai Paizan, 64, is accused of repeatedly hitting Hungarian Agnes Akom on the head with an electric saw at his home in Brent, north-west London.


Ms Akom (pictured) first disappeared on May 11 last year and Neculai Paizan was arrested on May 18Credit: Central News
CCTV of Ms Akom on the day she was last seen before officers discovered her body in a park


CCTV of Ms Akom on the day she was last seen before officers discovered her body in a parkCredit: Central News

Paizan then stuffed the 20-year-old’s body into a wheelie bin, but then moved it to a park and buried it in a pit under a pile of logs, the Old Bailey has heard.

Ms Akom was reported missing on May 11 last year along with Paizan, from Romania, arrested on May 18 and charged with her murder five days later.

The victim’s body was not found for a month. Paizan denied the murder.

Prosecutor Jacob Hallam, QC, said: “On Sunday May 9, 2021, she was killed in a converted shipping container which is next to a car dealership in Brent, in the north-west part of London.

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“His body was found buried in a pit, hidden under a pile of logs and branches, in a wooded part of a recreation ground in Neasden.

“And he was found in this condition on June 14 last year, so exactly a week before she turned 21.”

The weeks between Akom’s death and the discovery of her body meant the decomposition was “advanced”, but a pathologist found she had suffered “at least 20 blows to the head”, jurors heard.

“These beatings resulted in his death,” Mr Hallam added.

“When his body was found, his head had been covered with a black plastic bag, tied with a rope around his throat, the bag apparently being put on to catch blood from head wounds as it would appear the bag was placed on his head after his death.”

Paizan had a property in Peel Street, Notting Hill, west London, but rented the shipping container from mid-2019.

When examined by police, it was found to be ‘heavily stained’ with Ms Akom’s blood, although ‘vigorous attempts’ had been made to clean it, it is said.

In the months leading up to the murder, Paizan was seen several times by Lennox Autos personnel, who worked near the shipping container, with a woman matching Ms Akom’s description.

Akom left her Cricklewood Broadway apartment on the morning of May 9 after telling her partner she was going to work.

Between 10 and 11 a.m. that morning, she exchanged messages with Paizan, the court heard.

She also allegedly messaged a man she worked for – Attila Molna-Feri, a Hungarian coffin maker, with whom she had an “intimate relationship”.

Jurors heard how she had booked an Uber to go to Mr. Molna-Feri’s house, but Paizan arrived at the Costa Coffee where she was seated.

After an exchange, she gets into her silver Dacia Sandero.

He drove them to his shipping container, arriving just before noon, the jury heard. CCTV was played which showed the pair entering the gray metal box.

Mr Hallam said: “The doors are closing behind him. This is the last time Agnes is seen alive on CCTV.”

About half an hour later, CCTV captured Paizan leaving the container and heading for a nearby tap with “red marks” on his arm, the court heard.

No one else entered or left the container, the prosecutor added.

“It is the case of the prosecution that at this time, Agnès suffered the injuries which caused her death.

“And that the red marks on the defendant’s left arm are the blood of the woman he had just killed.”

Just after 3:30 p.m., the alleged killer dragged items from the shipping container and put them in the trunk of his car, jurors were told.

The court heard he threw away Ms Akom’s white fur coat, a rolled up rug, clothes, pink slip-on shoes and a pillow case.

Police reportedly found some of his belongings, covered in his blood and hair.

Later that day, CCTV caught Paizan dragging a “large white object” that he said was “big enough to hold a human body” from the door of his unit to his car.

Mr Hallam said: “It was the mechanism by which he pulled the body of the woman he had killed from the container.

“He then put it in the car, drove to the apartment on Peel Street, left the body in the car overnight and early the next morning drove to the recreation ground and, using a trash can, transported the body of the woman he murdered from the bag, to the trash, to the burial site.

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“The prosecution’s case is that the body of Agnès Akom was in the white object and was placed by the accused in the back of his car.”

The trial is due to continue tomorrow.

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