University of Kentucky quarterback puts mayonnaise in coffee and disgusts the internet

(NEXSTAR) – The best part of waking up is the mayonnaise in its cup.

Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis is stirring up all kinds of controversy after demonstrating his (allegedly) favorite way to have his morning coffee: by mixing scoops and scoops of mayonnaise into it.

Levis, a University of Kentucky junior, was attending SEC Media Days at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta this week when he brewed his mayo-infused coffee for all to see, as captured in a video clip shared on Twitter by CBS Sports.

In the video, Levis also claims that he is “known to sometimes put mayonnaise in my coffee”, in reference to a TikTok video now viral he shared in October 2021, in which he was seen drinking his cafe-naise concoction while having dinner with his girlfriend.

“I was just out for breakfast…with my girlfriend that Friday, and I think I just looked and was wondering, like, why was there mayonnaise on the table,” said Levis during an interview with Kentucky Sports Radio shortly after the video went viral.

Levis added that it was his girlfriend who jokingly suggested that maybe some people put mayonnaise in their coffee. Levis then decided to test this theory.

“Oh, maybe I should do this,” he remembers thinking.

Viewers on social media were less enthusiastic about the idea, with one TikTok user saying she “took her breath” when she saw the video, and another proposing that Levis go “straight to jail”.

“We have strayed too far from God” joked another Twitter user.

Levis, however, at least seemed to acknowledge that his morning mayo isn’t for everyone. On Thursday, while promoting an online learning app, Levis took to Twitter to ask parents to share their children’s stories. most unique skills – but only if they had nothing to do with the condiment.

“Please no mayo,” Levis wrote.

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