Watch Now: Devils Backbone Hosts Lumberjack Competition | Local News

The event drew a crowd of around 2,000 patrons, including residents of Nelson County and people who traveled further afield for the occasion.

Rodney and Stacey Newton drove over an hour from Victoria for Saturday’s competition. Stacey Newton said her father was once involved in lumberjack sports, so when they saw the event was going on they “had to stop.”

Rodney Newton said it would be difficult to pick a favorite event.

“They are all really cool to see,” he said.

Kimberly Oakley, director of marketing for Devils Backbone, said the brewing company launched Backbone Premium Lager earlier this year and held the contest to celebrate the new beer.

“We’re still trying to bring businesses to Nelson County,” Oakey said. “We want people to come here to find out how beautiful it is and to fall in love with it as much as we do. And, to our knowledge, there has never been a craft brewery in history that has ever hosted a lumberjack competition, so we were like ‘let’s be first.’ “

While the family event attracted mostly adult customers, Cogar said he was very happy to see the kids enjoying the competition.

“I just hope the young girls can see the competition and realize this is a really cool event that literally anyone can do,” he said.

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