What Family Work Chantel’s Nicole Jimeno Had Done on Her Chin

Family Chantel star Nicole Jimeno turns to pageantry, leading Pedro’s younger sister to alter the look of her chin.

Nicole Jimeno is doing her best to win a pageant title on The Chantel family season 4, which prompted her to make some physical changes to boost her chances. Nicole has previously chronicled her plastic surgery transformation on The Chantel family season 3. Now that she hopes to represent the Dominican Republic in a pageant, Nicole has revealed her new chin transformation to viewers.

Nicole rose to infamy on The Chantel Family, as the younger sister of 90 day fiance Star Pedro Jimeno notoriously hates his brother’s wife, Chantel Jimeno. Although Nicole has a lot of animosity towards her famous sister-in-law, many viewers believe that she is changing her appearance to look more like Chantel. Nicole’s goal in The Chantel family season 4 is to become Miss Dominican Republic. Although Chantel thinks it’s laughable that someone with Nicole’s personality can represent her country, Nicole is determined to do whatever it takes to win the title.


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The last episode of The Chantel family saw Nicole getting work done on her jaw. Her mother, Lidia Jimeno, and Nicole’s friend, Coraima Morla, accompanied her to the appointment which saw Nicole correct her weak jawline and sharpen her jawline ahead of her pageant debut. Nicole informed the camera that she didn’t think the jaw job was a “big deal,“as she quoted it as being”very common” in the Dominican Republic. Nicole had hyaluronic acid injected into her jaw. She informed viewers that the effect would wear off over time, although she made sure to stay very still during the injection to avoid any uneven results. Nicole added that she wanted to have the procedure because she thought her chin was “too big” and wanted to be as beautiful as possible.

Nicole Jimeno The Chantel Family

Nicole seemed confident and comfortable with her chin procedure on The Chantel family. “I came to be the winner,she said of her pageant. Nicole was eager to continue having more procedures, even though Coraima took her back and urged Nicole not to get carried away with the change in her appearance. Lidia informed the cameras that she completely supports her daughter by doing whatever she wants to feel confident about.”You are free to do what you want with your body.” Lidia said, in Spanish, her perspective on plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements. Nicole appeared thrilled with the immediate results of her procedure noting how refined she looked with her slimmer, sharper jawline.

Nicole is one of the actors of The Chantel family who has been very open about her transformation into plastic surgery. Last season, Nicole underwent breast augmentation. She also had her brooches removed after wearing them for many years as a sign of status in the Dominican Republic. Nicole then eagerly shared her chin injections and made it clear she was open to further procedures. While Nicole is delighted with her transformed appearance, many The Chantel family viewers can’t help but notice how much she changed her appearance to look like her nemesis Chantel.

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