Why Egypt offers the perfect escape for 2022

The restaurant staff, and the crew on the entire boat, were also superb – “kind and kind and most had a sparkle in their eyes,” said one guest. The lounge, with its hard upholstered benches, I found a bit harsh while my main cabin was working but not a place where hours are far away, even with a dog-eared copy of Death on the Nile on the go .

Instead, I Mummified myself in layers and took the Nile-front seat on the sun deck as often as I could. As we walked along the ancient waterfront, the boat captains, following a call passed on to the families, greeted friends on the bridge of passing ships with lively horns. White donkeys ate the emerald green on the shore. Again the mythic Nile breathes life into the future of Egypt.

By Chris Leadbeater

How to do it: Uniworld (0808 168 9110; uniworld.com) offers many departures of its Splendors of Egypt and the Nile 12-day itinerary (a week trip on the Nile with days in Cairo at the beginning and end) from £ 3,999pp. Departures March – May and September – December; including flights from Heathrow, transfers, all food and local beer and wine on board, on-board rewards and land excursions with an Egyptologist. Read more: Everything you need to know about traveling on the Nile.

10 ways to enjoy ancient Egypt – for all ages

So the enchanting trip is a trip to the Nile that, when it comes to considering a vacation in Egypt, its brilliance can escape all the other options. But you don’t have to be Hercule Poirot to discover that this junction-box country-where Africa meets the Middle East-is a versatile destination.

Egypt is endowed with luxurious beach resorts as well as sites of unparalleled ancient importance, and intriguing Mediterranean cities such as sand citadels. It can also, despite its many layers of history, work well for families and children as well as those who want to research the stories of this archaeological paradise.

The following 10 getaways showcase its diversity as a country for everyone, regardless of your age or obsession.

Head to Port Said and beyond for a different way of traveling

If you’re more fascinated with the idea of ​​a cruise, less Agatha Christie or the Nile, there’s more than one way to see Egypt from the deck of a ship. For those who prefer travel rather than arrival, an eight -day trip to the Three Continents may be appropriate. The itinerary stays true to the promise in the title, departs from Athens (Europe), calls to Rhodes and Cyprus, lands at Ashdod in Israel (Asia), and is anchored at Port Said, at the mouth of the Suez Canal, for Africa, Egypt, and excursions to Cairo.

How to do it: There are four editions of this particular cruise scheduled for this year (all in November and December) offered by Celestyal Cruises (0808 280 3549; celestyal.com). From £ 749pp; flights not included.

Discover the culture that kids will love at The Nile

So trips to the Nile are not the best option for those under 15, but is it possible to tour Egypt with children? Is it too hot? Too heavy on history? Best stay on the beach? If any of these questions pertain to you, one answer might be the Family Egyptian Sphinx, Pyramids and Nile River package. This 10-day group trip climbs the river from Cairo to Luxor, traversing all the expected sights-but adapted for travelers with children (the minimum age is five; the average age of a child is 12). ). The itinerary also ends at the Red Sea, at Safaga.

How to do it: Explore has three editions (01252 240 706; explore.co.uk) this year. From £ 1,828 adult; £ 1,583 per child; including flights.

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